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How does freeportfolio.org work?

Create your Web Portfolio or Website for free here. we are the choice for thousands of business owners, students, teachers, professors, job-seekers, and entrepreneurs. If you are comfortable using software applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint or Web applications like Google Docs or FaceBook, you will feel at home using our Sitemaker. The interface is menu driven with drag and drop features. If you need help, simply click on the help button in the corner of the page and access FAQ's and the SiteMaker user manual. Or, watch a tutorial video.
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When you create a free account at freeportfolio.org, you will receive:
- Free URL (yourname.portfoliovillage.com)
- Free Web Hosting
- Free Online Web Sitebuilder Software
- Free Galleries and Players for Images, Video, and Audio
- Free Templates for Website and Portfolio designs
- Free Stock Content and Widgets
- Free Google Tools & Analytics, Facebook and Twitter Connects
- Free FAQ Help and Tutorial Videos

freportfolio editor

 How can this be free?

Free. No catch. Freeportfolio.org was developed to help people build Flash based Web Portfolios and Websites without needing extensive technical skills or money. Our standard package is free, forever - and has everything you need to create a great Website or Web portfolio - just login every 6 months. If you want to expand your site and need extra server space, a shopping cart, or more bandwidth, then you can upgrade to one of our low cost packages (starting at just $5.99 per month). Our Web Sitemaker is #1 in the UK and is now being used by millions of students, teachers, job seekers, and entrepreneurs across the world.

At Freeportfolio.org, there are no obstacles to creating a robust Website or Web Portfolio. Freeportfolio.org is powered by PortfolioVillage, Inc., an educational services company with a mission to help dissolve the digital divide.